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The contemporary education cooperative (Czech) was established in 1995 in 1995 in Bursa, in 2002 developed the ‘wildflowers’ project for girls who live in the countryside and not enough for education. Together with the project, scholarships and free domestic women’s children’s children continued their education. While the education of hundreds of girls still continued, in 19 years, many girls have read and have a professional. In the 15th of the traditionally held Czech Training Awards, the Nobel award-winning Scientist, while the traditionally held Czech Education Rewards organized every year. Dr. Saint Sancar, sending a letter, held advice.

Due to last Wednesday due to the pandem, in the letter read on the internet. Dr. Aziz Sancar has placed the following statements:

“Dear wildflowers, my dear teenage friends to take responsibility for our country tomorrow, the founders of the contemporary educational cooperative that opens the way to young people. By contributing to the education and education of our young girls, especially our girls’ education and education, I wish to grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, growth to the cultivated people with the love of the republic. Dear children, all of our country tomorrow will be entrusted to you. The guiding principle of Ataturk has inherited us, science. Well-trained, to his country, her family, useful to its surroundings; When necessary, the creative, great studies of worldwide are the growing young people. If it is very necessary for this, it is very necessary to work with the decisions and the feeling of the feeling and the feeling that I will achieve. I went out of this road and reached success. The studies I have made on the road to this award to this award with the evaluation of my work with the Nobel Prize. The service I have made to humanity is also the name of my country and the Turkishness, has grafted me the largest of happiness. For science, for humanity, I still work 12 hours a day in my laboratory for my country and we are in the finding of cancer resort with the greatest illness of humanity with my friends. I’m sure you will have successfully signed in very good jobs. You will be scientists, you will be an engineer, you will be an artist or you will move forward in any area of ​​life that your ability will take you. My advice is to do the best of every job is to try to be one of the best. Without extremed, without working, without working, without working like ant, success comes without focus on your business. Note that success, superiority and victory are in your hands. Contemporary Education Cooperative, I’m sure on the 26th year of year, in this way, especially the very good guide to our girls will fulfill their opportunities by mobilizing. I kiss all of you from the eyes. “

Chairman of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Contemporary Training Cooperative, “3 March is a very important day for contemporary education cooperatives. 3 March 1924 is the history of the Education Teaching Union. In the beginning of all the educational institutions of Contemporary Education Cooperatifia, March 3. Our goal is that 3 March is not forgotten, remain in minds. In the past days we had the training award ceremony of the 15th. We have given our educational award, incentive award and service rewards. This year, the training award held to the teachers due to the voluntary and challenging work they are doing to the education all over the world. For this purpose, we introduced the education award to the teacher on behalf of all the World Teachers.

One of the most important moments in our ceremony Dr. Saint was the memorable letter of Sancar. We think it is a very important letter to all of Turkey. This letter is a letter that we received and have received the Contemporary Training Cooperative to Saint Sancar and the decision we received in all education institutions and the most important corner in our dormitories.

We value social responsibility projects as an institution. Contemporary Education Cooperative, together with educational institutions, bears the characteristics of being the first cooperative education with social responsibility projects in Turkey. It is the only educational cooperative as the level it has come. The social responsibility projects we have made are examples. The most important of our social responsibility projects is our wildflowers. It is a social responsibility project that we do not read, who cannot read our children in Bursa, and contributes to the work life in Bursa, who cannot read for any reason in the countryside. Similarly, our other projects throughout Turkey will spread to create a domestic level with other educational cooperative countries and we want to be an example to the world on this issue, “he said.

Thanks to the wildflowers project, he completed the high school education and the preschool teacher, the Presentary Teacher, “I live in Orhaneli’s Gümüşpınar Village and our possibilities were very few. We made research for this and the contemporary education cooperative was out of the contemporary education. The services offered were in the figure to provide my reading. I recognized at high school 1 and y for four years